Danny Raymond

Danny Raymond

My journey with drumming began at a very early age. I still have a vivid memory of my dad showing me traditional grip and how to play paradiddles. I was 3 years old. Little did I know that something I considered fun to do would eventually lead me down a career path that includes participating in music from elementary school up through college, playing in jazz and rock bands, performing , teaching and judging in the marching activity, conducting clinics around the world, published snare drum solos and articles and last but certainly not least , a 25 year career at the Walt Disney World Company as a performer, show music designer and conducting auditions!

Now, did I put a lot of time and effort into all these things? You better believe I did and I was very fortunate to have the help, guidance and inspiration from many in the field of music that allowed me to do all these things. However, the one thing, the common denominator that ties everything in my career together and can easily be overlooked or under appreciated is the reason I do what I do…ready? IT’S FUN! I ENJOY WHAT I DO!!

To say that drum corps and the marching arts have been a major part of my life would be a gross understatement.

My father was heavily involved in the drum and bugle corps activity and put sticks in my hand at age three. My childhood is from a generation minus smart phones, apps and computers. We didn’t talk about Google at my house… we talked about Paradiddles…which incidentally, you can look up on Google.

I marched in the New York Skyliners Senior Drum & Bugle Corps from 1987 – 1988 and I was crowned the Individual Snare Drum Champion, Drum Corps Associates in 1989 & 1990.

As an instructor I’ve worked with high schools, senior corps, junior corps, and private students. I’ve spent time with the Syracuse Brigadiers, Boston Crusaders, Carolina Gold, and most recently the Santa Clara Vanguard. I have also consulted with Infinity Percussion, the Orlando based WGI World Open finalist.

I am a composer and contributor for Tapspace percussion publishing company and I’ve penned quite a few solos for snare drum and drum set that have been performed by students all across the country.

If all of that weren’t exhausting enough…I also adjudicate marching arts contests. I am affiliated with the FFCC, FMBC, SWFIEA, NWAPA judging circuits and I freelance in this area as well.